ISDN Links

ISDN Links are available in two forms - Studio and Mobile

Both include an on-hand engineer to ensure a trouble free link. We can provide MPEG2 L2 & G7.22 Audio links over ISDN2e lines.


Should you require a high quality audio link to or from our location area (Ipswich, Suffolk) we can accommodate you. This may take the form of an artist working in the area requiring a studio to perform a voice over session without having to travel to the main production house. (Comedian Ed Byrne, the voice of the Mobile Phone Warehouse TV campaign, did exactly that after a late show nearby the night before!) We will provide you with an engineer, ISDN link / talkback, and full studio voicing & effects facilities.
Our current fee is £25 for every 10 minutes of studio time.


Most ISDN hardware in radio stations and studios are 'installed' and 'hardwired' - making the prospect of OB Links, where UHF is not an option, very tricky. We are able to provide a mobile ISDN codec, an engineer, and as much audio hardware as is required to facilitate your link - both transmission and talkback. You will however be responsible for the availability of an ISDN 2e line at location.
Our basic rate for mobile ISDN Link is £120 per hour or part there-of for locations within 30miles radius.

If you would like further information about ISDN Link please contact us