Media Buying

Free assistance with your marketing? ...YES!

If you own or manage a business, you are going to be busy! Do you have the time to field your calls or spend time with media reps? Even if you have marketing/advertsing experience, do you specialise in placing media? Your time is probably spent servicing YOUR customers.

If we were to tell you that it wouldn’t cost any more money to delegate the media buying role of your job, and that we have extensive experience creating effective advertising campaigns which could save you money and provide this service to you FREE OF CHARGE - shouldn’t you be calling us?

Now what if we can show you that your campaign development and production costs could be CHEAPER if you use our media buying power. How much time would you save not having to speak or deal with all those Sales reps? Next time they call you, just tell them to call us and we will deal with them for you. Dedicate your EXTRA time to improving your business.

Using an agency for your advertising and promotional needs will provide you with a ‘one stop shop’. With just one contact organising all your advertising, design, stationery requirements and any marketing will simplify the administration of the whole process so you and your staff can get on with the running of your business.

These are some of the services we have to help you and YOUR business:

· Creativity & Design
· Media Planning & Buying
· Exhibitions & Displays
· Website Creation & Management
· Promotions & Direct Marketing
· Brochures and R & A
· Branding & Corporate ID
· Event Management
· Commercial Production (TV & Radio)
· Computer Monitoring & Support

Alongside these activities we also offer a complete print service whether it’s just organising your stationery ordering or designing and producing your latest company brochure.

Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to provide professional advice in all areas of advertising and promotions, regardless of size or stature. From our experience we would only suggest advertising strategies after a thorough briefing from you to enable us to establish your marketing requirements and expectations. Because we are a recognized agency with such media as radio, press, TV, and buses any commissions are paid directly from the media themselves to us. When pricing for jobs we always shop about to find the most cost effective quote. And any special deals offered to us are passed on directly to you.

Its time to let us handle your marketing needs...

Please contact us for more details.