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To whom it may concern


TKO FM has been broadcasting along the Costa Blanca for 17 months now.  Being an English speaking radio service we have always felt it was imperative that we offer the best quality output for our listeners here along the Costa, which is why we took our time to choose the right company to assist in our production from word go.


Since choosing Lightning Production to produce commercials for us, just over a year ago, we have been very happy with the professionalism and service they offer.  Not only are the commercials of the highest quality, but also the variety of the scripts we are offered are really vast and we so much enjoy waiting for what they will come up with next.  Even when they are given some tough challenges they seem to be able to pull something out of the bag that is well thought through and really works for our advertisers.


Further to this the staff at Lightning Production have proven to be a pleasure to do business with making the whole process far less stressful than other production houses we have worked with in the past.


I cannot recommend James, Karen, Jo and the team more highly and would be only too pleased to answer any questions you may have about the quality of service and commitment they have shown TKO over the past 17 months.


If you choose to do business with Lightning Production I am sure you will not be disappointed. If you need further proof of how great the commercials they produce sound, then feel free to listen live to TKO FM via the Internet and you will be able to hear it for yourselves.



Ian Rockford

Station Director

The Costa Blanca’s No 1

TKO FM  91.9


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