Multi Media - Audio For The Web

Small Files - Big Audio !

The Internet explosion is leaving Web Designers with an ever increasing problem - how to make a Web Site 'stand out'...

The use of audio is one avenue where designers are utilising a medium that really adds presence and style to a site - IF it is done properly.

The two major issues are content quality and file size versus physical quality. Get either of these wrong and you are advertising 'poor quality' to the entire world. We achieve content quality using the same principles as our main commercial production operation. High quality audio hardware, state of the art digital production and professional voices.

Now we have a beautiful sounding master - how do we convert that so that visitors to your site a) do not have to wait for the audio and b) hear good quality audio - even over a modem connection.

At Lightning Production we are experienced in all streaming technologies, file conversion and play-out methodology. We currently favour Windows Media Audio, the result of the enhanced Active Streaming Format. We are able to master the original to overcome the limitations of the Internet, to provide the smallest possible files size and start delay with best possible audio quality.

Here are some examples using our Showreel logo audio:

MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) 32kbps Mono - File Size 80k
44.1 Creative 'Web Enhanced' WMA 32kbps Mono - File Size 83k

To find out more about Web Audio form Lightning Production please contact us.