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Lightning Production operates from studios in the East of England and have been producing radio commercials, promotions and trailers for some 15 years.

In that time a huge wealth of experience has been acquired across the radio ad spectrum. By understanding the need for a good client brief we supply a template that enables you to capture exactly the needs of your clients. From that we produce tailor written effective scripts, and continue the liaison until you and your client are happy. We can advise you on such matters as legality, imaging and impact strategies.

On the production side we have staff who have all at some time been directly involved with broadcast, and use that experience together with the latest digital technology to produce the physical sound that lends quality to the product.

Our service includes effective scripts, Equity circuit professional voices, full music and sound effect libraries, state of the art digital production and high quality masters - delivered to you via ISDN, e-mail, CD or downloaded from our client area, in the format of your choice.

Further more we understand the relationship between radio station and client - and our friendly accommodating approach combined with our knowledge depth assists you in maintaining that relationship. Individual companies wishing to pursue radio advertising benefit from our long experience in the business.


The Costa Blanca's new TKO FM chose Lightning Production for all their commercial production...
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